Going Public

THE TWILIGHT TSUNAMI is now under publication by Harvard Square Editions. I had my first virtual blog tour and am on my way to my second tour. Everyone has been supportive and I appreciate the guardians who help writers come out.

December 29, 2016

I gave away my book on Kindle Select for five days. Hard to do at Xmas time. Everyone was busy with family and friends.

“But it’s free,” I reminded everyone online and around me.

“Who cares?” they replied. I’m still opening my presents.”

Then they cussed me out and told me to get back to them in the New Year.

Of course, that’s not true, at least the cussing part…but the hesitation to go looking for a book, even it it’s free at Xmas, was blatantly real.


photo by Chaiwat


Grey and his co-workers find themselves in dangerous situations every day at work. Their social services jobs require them to confront irate parents who are on drugs or who are mentally unbalanced. Grey is a long-time social worker, one who is not afraid to snatch newborn babies from glazed-eyed mothers or grab abused children out of classrooms, to place them in foster care. But something happens to Grey, something he cannot put into words as he struggles to cope.

When a new co-worker enters the department, she secretly strategizes ways to force Grey out of his job. He senses her ploy and his stress intensifies. He grows increasingly head-strong and defiant, but he fails to stop her from delivering the final crush in an unexpected, malevolent manner

To challenge his co-worker, Grey must find his inner truth and his co-worker’s “Achilles Heel” in order to rise up to conquer her.   One of them must be transformed or destroyed


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